Friday, May 25, 2018

Tooth Jewelry – What You Need to Know

tooth jewelryDid you know that DIY braces have become a big fashion trend in certain parts of Asia? Here in the Western world, people are looking for things like clear braces to help them avoid the appearance of a metal mouth but in some countries, people want their braces seen. Braces are so expensive in some countries that they are linked with being wealthy and affluent so some teens and young adults are either buying kits at flea markets or are going to salons to have fancy multi-colored fashion braces put on in order to make themselves look like they can afford braces. With a variety of colors available, many see this as tooth jewelry and a fashion statement.  In most cases these aren’t going to do much for straightening your smile and in extreme cases headlines have been seen that have reported that these fashion braces have even caused death due to toxicity when bought from questionable vendors.

If you are considering tooth jewelry but have heard about fashion braces related deaths due to toxicity, you might be concerned about having a foreign object in your mouth.  If you have high quality tooth jewelry applied by a professional and accredited dentist, there should be no concerns.

Tooth Jewels Increasing in Popularity in USA

While clear braces are rising in popularity in the west, there is also a rising trend in tooth jewels.  Stars like P!nk have helped the trend really catch on. A small gem or precious metal charm can be adhered to a tooth and it can either be there temporarily or can last as long as you want it to.  One of the pluses of having them applied with dental bonding material is that they don’t cause any permanent damage to your teeth. It is 100 % reversible.  You can have your birth stone, your favorite color, or a charm that represents a hobby or element of your personality.



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